Friday, June 3, 2011

Week 3: May 31st and June 2nd

May 31st
This week was the week of paperwork. It is a necessary evil in the world of librarianship, this Shelia and I can agree on. We would much rather be cataloging or doing research. I had to call and get some price checks on some supplies that are needed. One of the things I was looking into was hanging files for the artist file collection. In the back room of the library (where all the cool stuff happens) there is an extensive system of artist files. These are artist that might be of interest to the museum staff or researchers and the information wouldn't be found in one of the books in the library. It's actaully really cool and I plan on getting back there sometime and really look through them. Then it was on to checking titles to see if the library needed to get them or not, and then the highlight of the day (and I mean that sarcastically) a SELA Executive Board meeting that Shelia had to call into and she had me sit in on. To say the least, it was awful. Shelia and I sat down after the meeting and she asked me what exactly was wrong with that meeting? Here's my list:
-The minutes for the meeting were e-mailed out an hour before the meeting started.
-Anything that needs to be discussed, information needs to be given.
-Reports that are scheduled to be given need to be ready to give.
-Preparation is the key.

The meeting was ill planned, ill thought out and never on topic.
One word: Frustrating.

After lunch I finished up some paperwork (P.O.'s) and unloaded some boxes that were delivered and had time to walk through the galleries again. One painting I keep thinking about and going back to is one by Dorothea Tanning and it is called Guardian Angels. I found an image of it here:

Are those birds? Is that blood? Why are there beds? Are people being eaten? Ugh! I don't know, but I can't stop looking at it!

June 2nd
Today was a day of finding out mysteries. There were some cataloging cards that had little information on them, and I was to try and track down the book so the record could be completed. The book was not found, but a second cataloging card with all the correct information on it was found. Yay! Shelia pointed out that this is one of the many reasons the library needs to be automated. Cards get misplaced, duplicated are becomes a huge mess.

I also did some more cataloging. After 2 hours I had done...2 books. This also fits in with the mystery of earlier, because we had a book that we could find no real information on in other catalogs so copy cataloging was out of the question. It was a book on Louise Bourgeois, but not on her sculptures, but rather some etchings and mixed media items. It was very interesting to go through and figure out where it needed to go, because it was different than the other books in the collection.

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