Monday, June 27, 2011

Week 6: June 21 and 23

This week tested my cataloging abilities. ALA was approaching and the library (and Shelia's office) had to look good, so the week was a mixture of making sure the library was in ship shape and straightening up the office. Most of the books in Shelia's office (which make up the bulk of the office) need to be cataloged, so I loaded them up on the cart and started working. Shelia left me to my devices, and I was able to catalog by myself...which is kind of scary. I keep thinking that I am going to lose the books forever in the library; no one will be able to access them and the information will be lost forever. Every librarian's nightmare. However, the library did not implode on my cataloging abilities. I actually did pretty well. I am still rusty on classifying books. Ok, I'm not good at all at classifying books, but as with the other aspects of cataloging that comes with time and with thousands of books under my belt. Thank goodness for other art libraries that have some of the books that I was cataloging, because that helped out a lot with copying some of the information. Subject headings still need to be added from time to time, but most of the hard stuff was easy to come by and gave me a good start to finish cataloging the books.  I managed to do a whopping 8-10 books. Cataloging is really time consuming.

As for ALA, Shelia had an open house at the library and after the open house there was a talk about Artist Books to go along with the exhibition that Shelia help put together called "Bookmarks, Artist's response to text". I couldn't make it to the open house, but made it to the talk and was so glad I did. It was done by a married couple that are dealers of these unique items at their website Vamp and Tramp. I love the name! But, they talked about these books and how they came about to be in the business. They then showed and passed around these fantastic, creative, wonderful pieces of art that were also wonderful stories. This one was one of my favorites that I saw. It is called The Phoenix by Linda Samson-Talleur:
On one side it has the legend of the Phoenix in Anglo-Saxon and an English translation on the other side. It is awesome in its color and its creativeness.

The talk was so informative and fantastic, they really knew their stuff. I never knew things like that existed, and even after looking at the exhibit last week, I still had no real idea what these items were until I saw them in action. Part of the art is how to open the book or decipher the way to read it. It truly is an under appreciated field.

The free time I had between making sure the library was straight and cataloging I spent writing up some of the information I have gathered for the project about libraries and community involvement. I have a few pages written out of thoughts and questions that I have come up with and I thought that would be the best way to start the writing process. See what I have and what I understand and then tackle what I don't have and what I don't understand and make an outline, because those will probably go hand in hand.

As for the other project with MLA and interns, we have another recruit thanks to an article that Dr. Welsh posted on her facebook page. I saw this article and thought it was pertinent to what we were doing so I showed it to the group. Shelia then contacted Peter and asked if he would be interested in helping us out, and he will! Yay for networking and staying in touch! So far doing the paper is proving what we want to prove with internships. If interns stick together and network only good things can happen!

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