Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week 11 (last week) July 26th and 28th

Alas, blog, we come to an end, but with many new beginnings. I made a new friend and mentor in Sheila. I met other interns and was happy to know I am not alone in the world. I learned more in the last 11 weeks than the same amount of years working in the library. I learned about great resources right at my back door and will be going back there again and again.
I leave here a much better student than I came in. I have a great respect for special librarians and the connections they make and the ideas and information they contribute. I worked side by side with volunteers that, despite not having any sort of library background, their love for libraries and of the librarian keep them coming back for more. They have found their niches and work well in the library and are very knowledgeable and are a joy to work with and a wealth of information. I won't say goodbye, NOMA, just see you later.

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