Saturday, July 9, 2011

Week 8: July 7th

This week I was really looking forward to, because we had Bill Fagaly talk about his book in the book club discussion and he gave us a quick tour through his exhibition of "Ancestors of Congo Square".

I find African art, particularly the fiction that comes out of Africa quite interesting, so it was fascinating to me to learn more about the art of Africa. I didn't realize that African art as a study is young. Only about 50 or so years old. Fagaly talked about how the book came to be and how the exhibition came to be. It was really interesting hearing how the book was over 6 years in the making, with Hurricane Katrina putting things on hold for a while. He got the idea of compiling other experts in the field together to help not only put a book out about the wonderful collection NOMA has, but to help publicize the exhibition. A lot of the pieces they know little about other than where generally they came from. Sometimes they aren't even sure of the dates. It was truly fascinating and I am sad the exhibition is only up for another 2 weeks.
Going through the museum with a curator gives invaluable knowledge about the collection and helps the staff (or librarian) get information to help explain the collection to visitors or volunteers. The resources at the library at NOMA are not limited to just the library, everyone is a potential reference source there.
Before going on the walk through and listening to Bill Fagaly's talk, I did a few inter-library loans. An intern needed some books on South American art and it wasn't easy finding the books, but we filled out ILL forms for them through the Louisiana State library and hopefully we will be able to get them in. It was fun trying to find the books, especially because most of the were in Spanish. I also worked on the museum library in the community project with Shelia. I have about 5 pages of notes written up about it and I think we are ready to start the next part of the project which is a survey. I have to get into Microsoft Access and remember how to maneuver around in there. It has been a long time since I have played around with it. It is going to be a fund project and I think it will be helpful when it is finally finished. It is going to last longer than the internship, but I see it as a challenge and a way to keep in contact with Shelia after I leave.

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